[CS-FSLUG] need some info on laptops and wifi.

Cia Watson ciamarie at my180.net
Sun Dec 18 20:11:09 CST 2011

On Sun, 18 Dec 2011 11:25:40 -0600
davidm at hisfeet.net wrote:

> I have installed mint11 (Katya) on two computers:

> My question is this: Where can I find a listing  and 'plain English'
> explanation of the “command line” commands that I might need to diagnose
> and get these two wireless  systems working?

Ref. wireless, 2 terminal / cli commands come to mind. The first would be:
ifconfig to see if wlan0 shows up with an IP assigned. If there's a wlan0
entry but no inet addr showing, you could try ifup wlan0 and see what happens.

The 2nd command is lspci to see what broadcom or other adapter shows up as
installed on your machine. Then you'll know which driver to install,

Also, I'm sure there are Ubuntu and/or Mint pages for this, but since I'm
using Debian I just looked up those wiki pages (since I've used it
previously) and it should help:

The wiki page on how to identify a (wireless) device:

And the Wifi wiki page:

hope that helps! If you want, reply back with which broadcom chipset shows
up, if you don't get it working from the info. on the wiki.

Cia W.

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