[CS-FSLUG] Laptop Power Jack

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Sun Dec 18 11:59:31 CST 2011

davidm at hisfeet.net wrote:
> Might be a silly idea, which you have already checked, but I once
> struggled with the ame thing on a laptop with a totaly dead battery.
> Eventually I found that the plug I was using fit just fine on the outside,
> but the middle connection wasn't making contact simply because the middle
> pin was a smaller diameter. When I got the right adapter on the brick it
> worked fine.

Well, two bricks from other Dell laptops, all the same spec, don't work 
any better than the original with this one, but work fine with other 
Dells. Thus, I think the bricks are fine.

The machine was working until the battery discharged, and it did so at 
the normal rate. Battery appears fine for that reason. So I'm pretty 
sure the jack is either unseated, dead, or something on the board is 
broken elsewhere.

I've decided to wait until I get a chance to confer with my brother, who 
has fixed quite a few laptops in the past few years. He can do that 
precision soldering stuff which I tend to bungle.

Thanks to everyone who has offered advice and links.

Ed Hurst
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