[CS-FSLUG] Browser Text Editor Application

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 28 16:26:20 CDT 2010

Jon Glass wrote:
> As I did some reading on this topic, I discovered that the problem may
> actually be the one thing you want--saving to the hard drive. It turns
> out that Java has to run in a sandbox in the browser, and you need
> certified extensions, etc. in order to access the file system. Since
> these are all controlled by a centralized agency, and, apparently,
> must be paid for, it probably isn't going to happen via a local java
> or javascript app. :-( And yes, my understanding is likely wrong.

As I was catching up on this thread; I'm thinking ... How is this 
request even possible to implement?  I always thought that for a website 
to be "safe" to visit there must be no risk that any webpage from the 
site is ever able to write to your hard disk.  Therefore, these appear 
to me to be conflicting requirements.

Since security never seems to stop some coders from writing some types 
of code; I suppose someone will find a way to do it; but I was under the 
impression that the browser should prevent this.

It could be argued that loading the page from hard disk should allow 
writing to the hard disk; but I'm thinking that will open another can of 
worms.  An application simply needs to confuse the browser into thinking 
the page was loaded locally instead of from "outside".

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