[CS-FSLUG] Voice Recognition on GNU/Linux

Sandra Capri scapri at spro.net
Tue Jun 29 20:18:42 CDT 2010

Well, maybe not exactly what you were looking for, but I've been using voice commands on my Android phone (HTC Evo).  It appears that the processing is with google voice search - but it's been surprisingly useful to me.  Instead of typing out text messages, I can speak them.  A couple of times, I've used it to call someone by speaking their name instead of scrolling through the long list of contacts.  Also have used it to fill in the search box while googling something.  But the keyboard's pretty easy to use, so I haven't done a lot with the microphone.

The most my phone talks to me is the google navigation app - that's really nice - "in 500 feet, turn right".  I haven't had the phone long, but I certainly have enjoyed having it.

Android is built on Linux, so it's not totally off topic :-)


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> Does anyone on our list use speech recognition software for giving
> commands... launching applications, opening web pages, etc.?  If so, what do
> you use?  How well does it work?  Does the computer 'talk' back to you?
> I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 on my desktop & 9.04 on my laptop, to give you an
> idea of my environment.
> I ask because I've got Mac-using friends whose computers tell them
> 'knock-knock' jokes, launch apps and web pages.  Seems more novel than
> useful, but still...
> Blessings,
> Don
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