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Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Sat Jan 30 19:17:24 CST 2010

On Sat, 30 Jan 2010 16:33:14 -0600, Davo Smith  
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> I think the big difference is in some of the subtleties of the language:
> Don't get me wrong - eating healthily, looking after the bodies we
> have been given and being good stewards of all the gifts God has given
> us, are all important things, but it worries me when the 'Christian'
> life stops there (and I'm pointing plenty of fingers at my own life
> here).

Yes. I'll eat carefully selected organics, take supplements and work out  
when it doesn't hinder my Kingdom service. The health and welfare concerns  
of this world are there because He owns my body, but pretty low on His  
stated list of priorities. I'm not all that interested in success as this  
world measures it.

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