[CS-FSLUG] udev and SATA DVDRs

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Mon Jan 18 20:18:44 CST 2010

Does anyone understand this issue with udev and SATA DVD burners?

I've been trying to chase down the bug reports. The issue shows up on
most current distributions. I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit right now on
my Inspiron 545 MT. The mobo uses Intel 82801IR/IO/IH (ICH9R/DO/DH) for
the interface, and dmesg shows the drive recognized as HL-DT-ST DVD+/-RW
GH50N. It's linked as /dev/sr0. The BIOS offers IDE mode and RAID, and I
have it set to the former, which is the default.

I can chase down like error messages, and on one list it seemed they
were saying udev butts in during the burning process and kills it. They
were able to kill udev as a work-around, but I didn't get anywhere with
it. I'm still burning mostly coasters from ISO images. Any ideas?

I didn't have this trouble under openSUSE 11.2, but other more serious
problems instead.

Ed Hurst
Associate Editor, Open for Business: http://ofb.biz/
Applied Bible - http://soulkiln.org/
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