[CS-FSLUG] What's missing from Linux [was: ICCM]

Greg Slade camsoc at vfemail.net
Tue Jan 5 17:03:27 CST 2010

 > Speaking as a long-time Mac user who has attempted to imtegrate
 > Linux into his work, it is more than just this for me. While I like
 > Linux, and my wife is running Ubuntu on her laptop and I have it
 > installed on my Wind, I found I continue to need my Mac OS for my
 > serious work, especially my creative work. I also have Qindows
 > installed simply because some misguided souls continue to use
 > Publisher, which causes me the most untold suffering, and reminds me
 > why I use Macs. ;-) truth is, even Linux can't match the Mac for this
 > work. I can use Quicken for those financial items (it's really just a
 > matter of learning double entry bookkeeping) or any one of the other
 > financial apps, but the color management, font management and the
 > proper apps and typography controls are just unequaled. I have
 > enjoyed seeing the improvements in some of these areas just In the
 > past three years that I've been dabbling in Linux, but unfortunately
 > there is still work necessary before it meets my needs.

Oh, I don't deny that there are other apps which people would need to
switch to Linux, but I was speaking in terms of what is needed by most
people. In my case, my "intensive" graphic work usually consists of
cropping or resizing photos, and the GIMP could surely handle that. In
my case, the vast majority of my output is in HTML, so as long as
there's a good HTML editor, I'm happy. (Although it's going to take a
lot of convincing to shift me away from PageSpinner.) But whether it's
graphic work, web work, video editing, or whatever, most of what's
"missing" in Linux would only affect a minority of missionaries. Support
raising, on the other hand, is something almost everybody has to deal with.


Greg Slade
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