[CS-FSLUG] Internet War?

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Fri Dec 10 06:21:29 CST 2010

If you search the term "internet war", most of the references will be
the apparent conflicts between various governments cracking each other's
computer networks. You'll probably get some references to Mafia-type
actions, too. But this article considers the reaction by non-state
actors who don't appear to have any profit motive, either:


"It’s a war on the internet and being fought over the internet and
internet freedom. It’s a war over freedom of communication. In my
opinion, this is a huge news event, on the order of Watergate. It will
go on for a long time. Like all wars, it will transmute over time and go
into all kinds of unexpected directions. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
have begun the First Internet War."

I'm not interested in the question of whether Assange is good or bad.
I'm cynical; mankind is fallen and the system on this plane of existence
cannot ever be fixed. I tend to think Assange is acting according to a
script written by someone else. But I'm much more interested in the
question of whether this DDoS campaign by Operation Payback will
actually accomplish much, or even if it could.

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