[CS-FSLUG] Copying files and permissions

Josiah Ritchie josiah at ritchietribe.net
Mon Apr 12 18:22:34 CDT 2010

I believe, though can't dbl chk right now, that you can tar.gz up
files with the right arguments to save permissions.

Hope that helps.


On 4/12/10, Ed Hurst <ehurst at soulkiln.org> wrote:
> Permissions I get, as well as chmod and the octals. What I don't get is
> how I can copy large numbers of files and directories from a VFAT jump
> drive or NTFS external harddrive without having to go back and ding around
> with permissions.
> I have a nice 250GB external drive someone gave me, and I use it when
> helping folks with computer problems. Recently, an owner asked me to
> install Ubuntu on their machine. Pulled all the files off onto the NTFS
> drive, installed Ubuntu, the copied them all back. With my limited
> knowledge, I knew I'd either have to copy as is, and have everything
> tagged with execute bits set, or copy with MC, turn off the "keep
> attributes" and end up with 0600 on everything, including folders.
> Is there a way to set a permissions filter for the process so we get
> sanity? Or is there some fancy incantation I can use with something like
> chomd -R that I haven't found so far? Even using Nautlius, it won't work
> on large collections of directories. At least, I couldn't get it to
> operate on more than one folder at a time.
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