[CS-FSLUG] Copying files and permissions

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Mon Apr 12 17:33:24 CDT 2010

Permissions I get, as well as chmod and the octals. What I don't get is  
how I can copy large numbers of files and directories from a VFAT jump  
drive or NTFS external harddrive without having to go back and ding around  
with permissions.

I have a nice 250GB external drive someone gave me, and I use it when  
helping folks with computer problems. Recently, an owner asked me to  
install Ubuntu on their machine. Pulled all the files off onto the NTFS  
drive, installed Ubuntu, the copied them all back. With my limited  
knowledge, I knew I'd either have to copy as is, and have everything  
tagged with execute bits set, or copy with MC, turn off the "keep  
attributes" and end up with 0600 on everything, including folders.

Is there a way to set a permissions filter for the process so we get  
sanity? Or is there some fancy incantation I can use with something like  
chomd -R that I haven't found so far? Even using Nautlius, it won't work  
on large collections of directories. At least, I couldn't get it to  
operate on more than one folder at a time.

Ed Hurst
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