[CS-FSLUG] Did the Apostle Paul Poke Nero in the Eye?

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sat Sep 26 16:15:31 CDT 2009

sjm wrote:
>>> something, why not post a disclaimer? You post a link, and it is going
>>> to be presumed, due to the fact that you forwarded it, that you
>>> subscribe to it.
>> 'Didn't have time to post a disclaimer.,,,
>> I posted it for discussion.....never intended it any other way.
> If you truly want to post something for discussion, then you ought to
> start the discussion.  If you don't have time to post a disclaimer and
> start the discussion, it would probably be better to wait until you did.
>> I agree that we need to take the "high road," which ISN'T easy these
>> days, at times. Of course, if Obama and his Czars have their way,
>> soon we won't be able to voice any Christian position contrary to
>> their policies or face fines and/or imprisonment. I'm certain that day
>> isn't very far off.
> To start one view of a discussion, I'm not sure God really cares.
> Christianity in China seems to be doing fine without all those liberties.
> I'll see what that stirs up before commenting more.
It's not doing "fine" in China but suffering. Yes....there is some growth.


The race card is the last refuge for a liberal!

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