[CS-FSLUG] Did the Apostle Paul Poke Nero in the Eye?

sjm sjm.mlists at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 00:21:34 CDT 2009

>> something, why not post a disclaimer? You post a link, and it is going
>> to be presumed, due to the fact that you forwarded it, that you
>> subscribe to it.
> 'Didn't have time to post a disclaimer.,,,

> I posted it for discussion.....never intended it any other way.

If you truly want to post something for discussion, then you ought to 
start the discussion.  If you don't have time to post a disclaimer and 
start the discussion, it would probably be better to wait until you did.

> I agree that we need to take the "high road," which ISN'T easy these
> days, at times. Of course, if Obama and his Czars have their way,
> soon we won't be able to voice any Christian position contrary to
> their policies or face fines and/or imprisonment. I'm certain that day
> isn't very far off.

To start one view of a discussion, I'm not sure God really cares. 
Christianity in China seems to be doing fine without all those liberties.

I'll see what that stirs up before commenting more.


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