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Amen.  Just moving back toward the truth of God's word - even a little bit
- is concidered by the world (and many so-called-'Christians') as somewhat
of a rebellion.
.             Dave McMullen

Fred A. Miller wrote:
> Are You Going Rogue?
> Jonathan Falwell
> Sarah Palin's much touted new book "Going Rogue" hit the shelves this
> week with much hoopla, including a high profile book tour.  Predictably,
> Mrs. Palin has been met with the standard disparagement from many
> liberals because she does not fit the leftist ideal of the feminist,
> pro-choice woman.
> While I have not yet read her book, I am intrigued by Mrs. Palin,
> specifically her nonconformist character and the way in which she has
> captivated the hearts of conservative America.
> In fact, her recent reappearance in the national spotlight has caused me
> to reflect on how "going rogue" can relate to the church and Christians
> today.
> You know, as Christians, we have a tried-and-true roadmap for life in
> the Bible, the ultimate truth that is the Word of God.  We should never
> even consider going rogue in terms of countering or contradicting any
> part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
> However, in terms of what our culture has defined for people in this
> modern age, we should certainly be counteracting those policies.
> Society promotes concepts of: nebulous and changing truth; situational
> ethics; diversity of faith; sexual experimentation; and an often callous
> disregard for human life.
> In response we, as followers of the living Christ, should be: living
> holy lives; promoting the never-changing truth and salvation of God's
> Word; serving as vocal ambassadors of and apologists for Jesus Christ
> within the culture that rejects Him.
> In effect, living a life of consistent Christian character means that we
> are essentially going rogue against the popular notions of compromise
> and convenience.  Developing righteous character, which means often
> walking that lonely path least traveled, should be our first priority
> for the sake of championing the Gospel.
> Longtime Falwell friend J.C. Watts once stated, "Character is doing the
> right thing when nobody's looking.  There are too many people who think
> that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's
> wrong is to get caught."
> Such policies should never invade the church, nor should they infect our
> personal lives.  Our churches must be about the business of training and
> raising up people of assured and assertive faith.
> One of the first columns I wrote following my father's death in May 2007
> was titled, "Are You Controversial?"  I noted how Dad had lived his life
> in near continual controversy largely because he lived with what has
> been described as audacious faith.  As a result, God blessed Dad in
> immeasurable ways and his legacy continues in amazing ways today through
> the worldwide outreaches of Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty
> University.
> Of course, when we are living lives of positive, fruitful faith that the
> world sees as foolhardy we are going to face criticism and attacks from
> those who oppose the Gospel.  That's frequently the price of going rogue.
> Just ask Sarah Palin.  Just ask any Christian living a bold faith.
> Let's close by looking at Paul and Silas.  I love to think of these two
> men sitting in the stocks of a dark jail after being beaten simply for
> preaching Christ and healing a demon-possessed girl.  And in that
> horrible situation, the Bible tells us "they were praying and singing
> hymns to God" (Acts 16:25).  Their love for Jesus Christ could not be
> tempted or compromised.  As such, through a mighty miracle of God, they
> were able to see their jailer and his family call on Jesus to be their
> Savior.
> Do you want to live a life of silent faith with no controversy and
> little opportunity for great victories?  Then don't even think about
> "going rogue."
> But if you're looking for the adventure and excitement of seeing what
> Jesus Christ can accomplish through your faith in Him, throw caution and
> hesitation to the wind and make "going rogue" for God a way of life.
> --
> "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined,
> but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to
> maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt
> to abuse them, which would include their own government."
> --George Washington
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