[CS-FSLUG] convert mp3 to cdr and cd in one step?

Dave & Ella McMullen DavidM at HisFeet.net
Thu Nov 26 00:18:21 CST 2009

I have a large list of mp3 files in many different Indian languages -
pre-arranged to make into CDs for the speakers of those languages. Last
year I was using Konqueror  (KDEs file browser) to locate the appropriate
files, and dragging them with the mouse to k3b to burn the disc. But my
distro became unmanageable (problems with connections to the repositories
for Mepis) and I had to change distros. I'm trying to use Mint7 or Mint8.
Even tried the new Mepis.  But they all have a different version of k3b,
and it doesn't seem to do the conversion to cdr that is needed. Or maybe I
just don't know how to configure it.

Any suggestions?
.                      Dave McMullen

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