[CS-FSLUG] The Flu Vaccine Debate

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Mon Nov 23 09:45:51 CST 2009

Let me see if I can summarize some of this.

1. Even folks like me who don't read Revelation literally (I hold a  
Reformed eschatology), we realize there is a distinct urge among some  
humans to grab power over all humanity. Further, this urge is  
unquestionably sinful.

2. Much of what we see today points to efforts toward that end. Often that  
purpose is bluntly stated. Most of those efforts including attempts to  
herd all humanity via fear. It doesn't matter if the threat is real or  

3. Further, it has been admitted by some who promote those efforts to  
corral humanity under a single government that it would be a good idea to  
manufacture crises which would serve that purpose. You can probably think  
up a lot of examples.

4. Some have stated, with varying degrees of support (evidence), the H1N1  
virus which has garnered so much attention was created in a lab,  
artificially produced for the very purpose of sickening millions.

5. It seems apparent the virus was not that powerful, so either #4 is  
false, or the lab folks miscalculated. Take your pick.

6. At the same time, we have pharmacological companies lobbying for  
massive government funding to produce vaccines against this virus. Is  
there a connection between this and previous point? Is it the same folks  
making both?

7. As a separate issue, said companies also have lobbied for unprecedented  
tort protections. Then, we find out by reading the actual packing labels  
 from boxes of the vaccine, they contain all sorts of ingredients over  
which there are very valid questions about harm.

8. As presented in the mainstream media, the voice of the medical services  
urges us to ignore such questions. Indeed, there is at times almost a  
frantic, hostile voice telling the public to "Shut up and do what we tell  
you!" It's very difficult to separate government from doctor at this  
point. The system has not answered the questions.

Personally, I find myself in a vice. As a 50% rated disabled veteran, I  
get all the care the system can offer, which is pretty comprehensive, so  
money isn't the question for me. If my doctor (symbolically speaking)  
refuses to entertain my questions, refuses to ask his own questions, it  
looks to me like I should not be trusting that doctor.

I have serious doubts about how strong the chain is between Antichrist and  
my doctor. But down here at the bottom of the food chain, I'm worried when  
I go the VA if they won't someday decide I have no choice, and will force  
me to accept whatever some bureaucrat dreams up as proper medical care. It  
won't matter whether the motives are designed to implement some vast  
tyrannical conspiracy at that point. Rather, it's time for me to study up  
on natural medicine and hope for the best, because there is no alternative.

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