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Dave & Ella McMullen DavidM at HisFeet.net
Mon Nov 23 08:50:07 CST 2009

Jon Mark Allen wrote:
> There's a great lesson on the structure of the Hebrew Bible (our OT)
> at BiblicalTraining.org
> http://www.biblicaltraining.org/class/bt201
> There is some really interesting stuff about the order of the books.
> And while I do believe it greatly enhances some of my understanding of
> the books and the message they convey, I certainly don't see the order
> we have today as "wrong".  There are some very interesting parallels
> in the order of the Hebrew Bible and the order of the NT, too.
> Lessons 3-7 at the link above are very interesting (and are not
> condemning or argumentative) and I believe would be worth your time.
> I would love to have a Bible with the original order, but am in no way
> interested in yet another English version.

*****>I would much rather see
> that effort put toward getting the Bible into languages that have no
> version at all.****

I heartily agree.  Have we got time, energy, and finances to promote more
confusion about what our English Bible says while half the world waits to
hear it's most basic message? I think there are few of us who are confused
about what that is! (I hope!).
     .            Dave McMullen

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