[CS-FSLUG] CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism! Here ya go, David!

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Sun Nov 1 13:12:49 CST 2009

Craig Button wrote:

> You make your choice, I'll continue to get my vaccines. 

Precisely. It should be a choice, and an informed choice. Yes, there is
a lot of junk out there passing for information, but that's the nature
of the beast. As you admit, there is so much we just don't know about
all this. A critical element in agitation against vaccines is countering
very obvious propaganda for it, propaganda which denies there is *any*
reason for not taking the vaccine.

Back when I wore that Military Police uniform, I had to clean up
accidents -- very messy -- caused by drunk drivers. But God help the one
who tells me drunk driving enforcement is working. It's altogether the
wrong approach, and I'll agitate fiercely against MADD and others like
them. Knee-jerk reactions and simplistic answers are a sin, if you ask me.

Your medical experience shows what happens when the mess is made, when
people get the infections. I wonder how much you know about the folks
who don't get them. Could it be your medical training might not cover
the means of resistance? Or could it fail to cover some information
about human health and disease resistance because you seldom see those
who escape the flu? I tend to think it does, but again, it's a matter of
taking the time to examine it for yourself.

I honestly believe your description of a hospital jammed with infected
patients could happen, but is quite unlikely, particularly given the
statistics regarding H1N1, and the very informed surveys by folks who do
that sort of stuff for a living. I'm sure you genuinely believe it could
be like that, and worry people will do things to make it worse than it
has to be. I happen to think it involves a lot things not typically
discussed by those with whom you work.

As for autism and vaccines: You and I both know the question was not
matter of one against the other. It's what's in the vaccine which has
nothing to do with flu, but preservatives. It's also a question of
whether those who produce the vaccines are trustworthy corporations. I
contend they are not, and the problem has grown exponentially. It's to
the point of criminality. How about Baxter and AIDS tainted blood
products? They knew it when the sold it. Criminal.

Give us a vaccine program which actually works, and poses no insane risk
and I'll get one, too. Until then, I'll take my chances and build up a
resistance other ways. It's worked for quite some years, now.

Ed Hurst
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