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Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Sun Nov 1 09:06:55 CST 2009

l4c wrote:

> ..... and if they want to learn Linux, try Slackware.  By the way, the 
> Subgenuis stuff is not mentioned or linked to on the Slackware website 
> that I can find.

It was for years. I looked at Slackware back in early 90s. I seem to
recall it was there up until around 2003. The Subgenius motto was "Get
Slack!" The point is, many have asked Patrick to repudiate, or at least
offer something which shows he isn't a devotee of the whole thing. He
refuses to discuss it. That's his choice. But it crosses the line for
me; I won't pretend it binds anyone else. I don't even try to paint
Slackers as immoral.

> And the main developer for Mint has publicly denounced any support for 
> Israel.

A very good thing, in my mind, but I still have to have the long term
support for what I run. My moral fussiness is only part of equation.

> I bet there are people involved with every distribution that do or say 
> something you don't like, Ed.  I think it's what YOU use it for that counts.

Yep, there's no perfection available out there. So I accept compromises
to get as close as possible. Mine won't match yours, and not least
because I don't do with computers what you do. I'm just a writer who
happens to enjoy looking at technology. So most of the time, it's a
question of how I use computers in general, and Linux specifically. The
other concerns also have to be satisfied, but that's harder to summarize.

That's why I cast my comments as a personal reaction, without attempting
to suggest, even subliminally, that anyone who feels differently is
somehow wrong or messed up in the head.

The biggest problem I run into on forums and lists like this is people
reading their reactions back into the words of others. I don't know how
to fix that, since I find I do it myself. Still, I can hope folks
believe it when I say I'm almost always sitting here with a slight grin
on my face, pretty relaxed, and not taking myself too seriously.

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