[CS-FSLUG] Death of the Net

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Fri Mar 27 20:47:31 CDT 2009

> Of course, all this fails to take into account other changes taking
> place. for instance, someone mentioned TVs as not being good enough
> resolution. HM. I've seen some amazing large-screen TVs with amazing
> resolution.

That may change, I suppose. I'm thinking of current 1080p TVs, though,  
which will surely be the majority for at least a decade, and which  
offer in 30-60" TVs the same resolution as my 23" Cinema Display.

The bigger issue though, is positioning. It is vastly easier to read  
1080p on my medium distance away monitor instead of 720p on a 30"  
HDTV, despite still being close enough, etc.

I think for most people the comfortable distance for reading is  
different than watching a motion picture, in other words.

> Also, already Nokia has software (and hardware?) to
> display the N8x0 series tablets on larger screens, including computer
> screens, projectors and flat-screen TVs. Also, with the iPhone and
> Android, we are already seeing the "full web" on handheld devices.
> There are things bringing changes, but this is not necessarily the end
> of the world as we know it. Just the end of the world as we thought we
> knew it... I think of how my grandparents went from no electricity, no
> cars, no telephones--no flying--and by the time my granddad died, by
> brother was writing programs and playing games on his VIC-20, and
> amazing him. My dad lived through the depression, and now uses Linux
> and Macs. ;-) Change is the only constant.

	Agreed. And, I love how the iPhone works for these sorts of things. I  
just made extensive use of mine as I was traveling the last couple of  
days. But, I remain dubious that it'll phase out things like keyboards  
and reading/writing/detail oriented screens.


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