[CS-FSLUG] Death of the Net

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Wed Mar 25 22:14:02 CDT 2009

> What do you see?

	I think more of a spoke-and-wheel ecosystem, with things like  
PlayStations/Xboxes drawing in content to the TVs, etc. Smartphones  
communicating with all of the devices around the house, etc. But, I'm  
not convinced the PC is dead, for one big reason: readability. One  
can't write a paper, blog, Facebook entry or anything else nearly as  
easily with the small screen (or keyboard). In the era of 20-24"  
screened PC's, I think the brains might go to the phone, but people  
aren't going to give up the big screens.

	(And TVs aren't a good substitute for many tasks, given their lower  
resolution and non-optimal distance.)

	I see information flowing to the point where people don't care what  
device they are using, though.


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