[CS-FSLUG] wireless networking for beginners?

Ron Thompson ron.t at xplornet.com
Mon Mar 23 21:55:50 CDT 2009

On Monday 23 March 2009 16:27, Fred A. Miller wrote:

> >    it is that simple?   What about adhoc networking?  I'd like to have
> > different computers network with each other, and if only one has internet
> > access, have the others bridge to the internet through it.  I should
> > probably get a book on networking in general.
> That would be a good idea. I CAN tell you from FIRST HAND experience,
> that if you want to pursue this, DO NOT ALLOW ANY MickySoft systems on
> the LAN....PERIOD!! There's NO WAY to really secure them, in particular
> with wifi. WPA2 with AES helps with outside attacks, but it won't help
> with user stupidity or errors. ;)
> Fred

Thanks Fred & Dave,

     I have s starting point with some of the websites.  And thanks for the 
advice on Win-d'ohs :-)  The idea for the adhoc network would be to connect 
computers temporarily to pass / share non-confidential information during an 
amateur radio emergency communications exercise or call out.   Ideally we'd 
all be using the same OS, and the same software, but in reality that isn't 
likely to be the case.

     I'll be back for more advice :-)  BTW, the initial experiments I think 
I'll do with a software package from limeylinux.org using a D945GCLF mini-ITX 
board powered by a wide input DC-DC power supply (to work off batteries and 
solar or wind chargers).  Later, because they're so expensive, I'll look for 
a 12V displayto work with the setup.


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