[CS-FSLUG] French police switch from Windows to Linux

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Mon Mar 23 19:04:07 CDT 2009


We are in the worse economic disaster since 1929, and it may possibly
get worse than that... God forbid.

Wouldn't it be nice IF the state could save the money spent on
proprietary licenses for the operating system, word processing,
spreadsheets, Graphics, Databases, and software development tools,
anti-virus subscriptions,  etc...?    For 13,000 state employees that
could amount to more than 75,000 licenses, or possibly  between $1.5M to
$5M dollars, if not more.  Some licenses are MORE than $60 per seat.

And, think of the MILLIONS of money that would be saved by not having to
use so many servers,  not having to "reboot, reinstall, rebuild" so many
times,  just because of a simple virus or trojan, the cost of data
recovery, etc., to say nothing of theft of personal and state info by
bad guys.

A LONG TIME fantasy of many, which will never happen as long as the
money is viewed as "other people's money".

"The fundamental premise of liberalism is the moral and
rational incapacity of the American people." ~ Fred Miller

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