[CS-FSLUG] Selling Bibles

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Mon Mar 9 20:30:30 CDT 2009

Fred A. Miller wrote:
> EnzoAeneas wrote:
>> You know. I have stuttered all of my life (quite badly sometimes) and I
>> have to say I laughed hard when I read that punch line. I have to say
>> that the Lord has given me the blessing to teach children at our church
>> and I have found that when I preaching the Word of GOD, I rarely have
>> any trouble at all.
> As it should be!
>> God bless (and good joke!)
> One of the things I learned early in life, was to not only laugh at others
> but myself, and myself FIRST before someone else did. ;) Humor is good
> for all of us, no matter what errors we make or handicaps we might have.

Another thing I meant to mention, and forgot, was that with my sense of
humor, I could see someone who has a stuttering problem using that to his
advantage in this situation, and that even made it more humorous to me, as
it probably did you. ;)

I have a handicap of hearing loss, which is not treatable. Often, what I
think I
heard isn't anything like what was said, and with my sense of
I do keep it to myself. :)


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