[CS-FSLUG] Moderator Message: Suspend Political Posts

Eduardo Sánchez lists at sombragris.org
Mon Mar 2 05:19:28 CST 2009

On Sunday 01 March 2009 21.48.19 Ed Hurst wrote:
> First, mea culpa -- Unlike the other moderators, I have no excuse for
> not doing a better job here, because I don't have a job otherwise.
> ------------
> Official notice: For a couple of weeks, no political messages on the
> list. ------------
> My not-so-official addendum:
> Following that cooling off period, we will entertain the possibility
> of on-topic messages which happen to have political overtones. It's
> quite possible to clearly favor one position over another, but a
> failure to season it with grace and humility makes any message out of
> bounds. There is room for mistakes, as we know folks can't hear your
> tone of voice in your words. However, it also means we have to be
> more careful, and be prepared to clarify. We are aware of style and
> personality, so it's not as if we demand so-called "politically
> correct" writing.
> We've already established messages to the list should be original
> material, with links and quotations permitted as teasers. If you did
> not write it, there should be quotation marks, indentation, or
> similar indications. The idea is to offer a discussion on whatever
> falls within our purpose for the list existing.
> As a reminder, on-topic means faith, technology (computers and
> software in particular), and anything related. Ask questions if you
> aren't sure. Make a few mistakes so we can define things. Rattle my
> cage if you feel I've missed something.

Oops... sorry.

My answer to Fred was posted before I read this. My fault, and my 

Eduardo Sanchez, B. Th.
Traductor Público Inglés-Español
I call it ATHEISM BY ESTABLISHMENT, when any state, as such, shall
not acknowledge the existence of God as a moral governor of the
world; when it shall offer to him no religious or moral
worship;--when it shall abolish the Christian religion by a regular
decree;--when it shall persecute with a cold, unrelenting, steady
cruelty, by every mode of confiscation, imprisonment, exile, and
death, all its ministers;--when it shall generally shut up or pull
down churches; ... --when schools and seminaries are founded at the
public expense to poison mankind, from generation to generation, with
the horrible maxims of this impiety;--when wearied out with incessant
martyrdom, and the cries of a people hungering and thirsting for
religion, they permit it only as a tolerated evil--I call this ATHEISM

		-- Edmund Burke


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