[CS-FSLUG] Good distro for the MSI Wind

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sun Mar 1 13:10:56 CST 2009

Chad Fluegge wrote:
> I am not currently at home. I am at the hospital with my wife and
> newborn baby girl - as I have been for three weeks now - so I can't give
> you an in depth essay on my experience with Dream Linux. I can say that
> their community support has been and is a great source of help and
> information. I've used many different distros, and I have yet to find
> one that rivals Dream Linux. I have it installed on three machines at
> home. I'm getting a netbook tomorrow that I'm going to install the 3.5 
> version. I will write more late, but I need to go see my daughter... later,

Never mind all the other info., how's your baby girl and wife??!!


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