[CS-FSLUG] OT: A somber post, from yours truly.

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sun Mar 1 12:57:52 CST 2009

The site below spurred me to write something that I've thought
about for the past few days because of what's been happening
to our once great Republic over the past few days, so what I
have to say should be read before you read the site below.

First, it's WELL known and proven that the first "concentration
camp" on US soil was competed around 1999. There are many
now under construction or have been completed already
throughout the USA withe the collective ability to house 1 million
people. The original idea was to house terrorists and illegals
until their trials. More are under construction to house many
more because most will be people like me, who won't keep
their mouth shut about what the Marxists in D.C. are doing in
violation of our Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

Now, what I've told you so far IS true...proven. What I'm about
to tell you, I can't substantiate, however, it comes from a VERY
reliable source....one that so far, hasn't been wrong. It's so
dastardly an act in violation of our Constitution that Obama,
Hillary Clinton and others will do anything to not allow any
proof to be released to the public, until it's too late.

What I'm told is that during Hillary's recent trip to China,
she hand delivered a document FROM Obama granting
China eminent domain over the USA in trade for their
buying our bad dept., I.E. paying for the recent PHONY
"stimulus" bill. What this means is that if the US defaults
on it's dept, which WILL happen - mark my words this IS
part of the plan, China has the right to TAKE ANYTHING
in the USA - read that ANY LAND, buildings, people, other
property, etc., and declare it's value to be amount they like.
They will OWN it AND any people involved. As I said, I
can't prove this right how, but getting proof IS in the works.
IF it's true, this is THE WORST thing ever to be done by
any official in the Fed. Gov't ever!!

Is this Constitutional? NO!! It ISN'T, but that hasn't stopped
Obama and his thugs in the House and Senate so far, why
should it stop them from violating the Constitution again?!

Watch for Obama to use ANY uprising, created by him or
otherwise, or a terrorist attack(s) to suspend the Constitution
and declare marshal law. One of the things that WILL come
with that declaration is banning all firearms AND confiscation! I
think this will be the method he will use to disarm the public,
because, if you want to be a slave master, you don't want
your slaves armed, and legislation to do the same thing
won't pass the Supreme Court.

Further, all this probably won't happen till near the elections
of 2010 because he'll suspend the elections, NOT wanting
the guaranteed TOTAL turn over in the House and 1/3 in
the Senate to conservatives! He will make himself "king"
of the USA easily. He'll use Chinese and UN forces to get
all this done, if need be.

We can stop all of this IF ALL of you get ACTIVE - NOW!!
But, if you do what so many Americans have always done,
which is to complain about gov't and criticize those who
do try to make a difference, then what I have said here will
probably happen.

At any rate, my educated guess is that anytime from this
summer on, there will be those of us who not only don't
accept the "party line," for religious and other reasons,
will start disappearing. If you don't hear from me any longer,
and you can't determine I've died from a natural cause or
legitimate accident, then you'll know that I've been hauled off
to one of the "detention camps" (make that concentration
camps) where I'll reside till I'm terminated.

I've not lost my mind folks. This isn't "War Of The Worlds." This
IS the ugly reality of total government that's been planed for
our Republic for a very long time, and most of you wouldn't
listen before. This isn't a rant saying G. W. Bush was a good
guy and Obama is bad. The TRUTH is that Bush was only
marginally better than the liar Al Gore would have been. Way
too many people get all wrapped up in party dogma instead
of being truth seekers! ALWAYS, ALWAYS seek the truth!
Now, do you want the REAL truth? Do you want to really
KNOW what the future holds?

Are you listening now?! Have you read your Bible lately?
Do you realize that Bible prophecy IS ALL being fulfilled without
error, and that we more than likely ARE in the "end times?!"
Are you going to wake up or continue to stick your head in
the sand thinking, "I'll get through this somehow. We'll manage
to exist and they won't bother us." NO! You won't!! What has
happened to our Republic, and the rest of the world for that
matter, is WELL orchestrated, and so is our planned future.



"The fundamental premise of liberalism is the moral incapacity
of the American people." ~ Alan Keyes

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