[CS-FSLUG] Good distro for the MSI Wind

Chad Fluegge chadfluegge at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 07:19:57 CST 2009

You could try Dream Linux. They have gnome and xfce DEs. It is based on
Debian Lenny stable - thus apt-based. They just released 3.5 yesterday. They
have a great support forum. OO 3.0 comes in the gnome DVD, otherwise you'd
have to upgrade from 2.4 in the xfce DE. They focus on making sure
everything works ootb... even wireless drivers. The new version is supposed
to be netbook friendly. I have an eeepc900 that I'm going to install it on

On Sun, Mar 1, 2009 at 3:09 AM, Jon Glass <jonglass at usa.net> wrote:

> I've got an MSI Wind. I just put a new hard drive in it, and set it up
> for triple-boot. I currently have Ubuntu, but looking at my old hard
> drive, and thinking about all that work I put into my Ubuntu install
> on it, the thought of doing it all over again is rather intimidating.
> (Is there any way to clone a drive, like in OSX, whereby I can move a
> bootable hard drive to another, larger, bootable drive--SuperDuper is
> what I used, for the curious?)
> So, since that is kind of daunting me, I'm finding myself not booting
> my Linux partition like I used to. I thought, therefore, I might try
> some other distros. It's a bit awkard, however, because I do lack time
> to experiment, and I have one requirement. BibleTime _must_ be in the
> repos. I'm quits with compiling it from source. ;-)
> Here are my preferences MSI Wind U 100--first gen:
> 1. Apt-based. I know apt, and am comfortable with it. But I'm willing
> to try, so saying as it's not too awkward.
> 2. Hardware must work out of the box: Realtek 8187SE, web cam (don't
> know--Buffalo?) sound in and out. power cycling, and
> software-controlled hardware keys.
> 3. Easy install from CD or DVD
> 4. Multiple DE or wm options--one area I like to experiment
> 5. I know there was a 5, but now I don't remember it--oh, OOo 3 a must.
> 6. I would like something that works with the short 600pixel screen. ;-)
> Any thoughts?
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