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steven vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 11 08:21:16 CDT 2009

On Saturday 11 July 2009 01:25:05 am Fred A. Miller wrote:
> steven vollom wrote:
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> >> What I was trying to convey, is that because of language barriers, we
> >> all at times need to be careful as we read AND respond to posts, as we
> >> can EASILY misunderstand someone else.
> >>
> >> Fred
> >
> > Thanks, I will keep that in mind.  If you see me inappropriately respond
> > and are willing correct me.  I never want to hurt anyone because of my
> > stupidity, or for any other reasoh.  Thanks again.
> Discourse can be most difficult, even for those who have the same native
> language. For Christians, it sometimes get even tougher because no
> matter how well we may have a command of whatever language we speak,
> often what we want to convey isn't exactly conveyed in text. I think
> this is, in part anyway, because it's impossible to apply inflections to
> typed words where you can to spoken words. Of course there's also body
> language that is a factor in a face to face interaction.

When the Holy Spirit became part of the believer, the ability to test and 
prove those things came to being.  It may be the reason GOD provided it for 
his people.
> So, we all have to deal with the "written word" carefully, making our
> best effort to convey exactly what we mean to say, as best as we can
> express it. Some of us are more emotional that others. I'm not one of
> those. It doesn't mean I don't share the same experience as someone
> else, it means it's more "mental" or intellectual than another. One
> isn't "better" than the other, it's just a different response. But, it
> IS these differences in all of us that makes the list beneficial for all
> of us.

Anyone who says he is a Christian and doesn't have the quiet voice that 
confirms or rejects these things, may not be a Christian.  The gift of Holy 
Spirit was given to every believer.  Most people who don't understand it call 
it conscience, I think.  Denying the Holy Spirit is one of the tests that a 
believer is a believer or not a believer.  That is made clear in the New 
Testament many times.  it is the very reason I feel such intimacy with GOD and 
Jesus.  It is the primary confirming reason I believe that Obamah is dark side.  
Pilosi is another.  If I ever met her in person, I believe I would feel the 
need to take a bath immediately thereafter; I would feel very unclean.  There 
are many like them.  I have personal acquaintances that do not test with my 
spirit that call themselves Christians.  It is the Holy Spirit that keeps me 
from accepting them as brother.

> Blessings,
> Fred

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