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> Ed Hurst wrote:
>> On 12/16/2009 10:38 PM, Fred A. Miller wrote:
>>  You haven't seen what I've seen, Ed.
>> Nor have you seen what I have. We are all experts at one thing or another,
>> but it weakens your claim when you are ungracious. If you posted as many
>> articles about evangelizing Muslims as you did about promoting slaughter of
>> them, perhaps it would be more acceptable. But you've already shown your
>> colors, so it's too late for that.
>> Moderator says: Back off.
> Interesting Ed, I get all the exact same posts from Fred on my list.  I
> seem them all twice since I am on this one too.  I don't remember any
> promotion of the "slaughter" of anyone.
> Rev. Linc.

Either way, our scriptural mandate is to evangelize the world in hopes that
the message of the gospel in the hands of our God will change their hearts.
Learning the depth of their hatred (or the ineptitude of politicians) does
not assist me in this cause. I am aware that the world is going to hell. I
strive to have an attitude of action and compassion as a result. Fred's
emails didn't encourage me in this way, and after a lot of personal thought
and debate, I decided to enable a filter to censor his commentary. There are
points (linux related) I am disappointed to lose, but I can get that else
where. This happened about 4-6 months ago and I've been on this list for
about 8 years. Fred's been posting stuff here since before then.

Hopefully, Fred, you'll see this wasn't a decision I came to lightly. It
came down to this. Having a Godly attitude towards these people you talk
about was hampered by the articles and commentary you sent. This is, of
course, a personal conviction that I know you don't share.

I say all that to respond to Linc's comment. Slaughter may have been an
exaggeration in some cases, but the point of the articles is almost always
highly critical and promotes actions that exclude certain biblical responses
such as evangelism. Ed has a military background and if he defines military
action as slaughter, I'm okay with that. In my discussions with those who
are unaware of these sorts of things, I find many people who are extremely
closed to the Christian God in our society because they have seen too many
Christians banging on the "we have a responsibility to suppress the muslims"
drum to not see a direct connection with the Crusades. Then they hear us
sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" and it cinches the deal. (I understand the
military comparison to evangelism, but they don't.) These actions reflect
little of the desire of our Savior for them to be in heaven with Him. Our
way of life, our country, our very lives are nothing to lose if it means we
have a better chance to gain a church of believers in these lands of the
deceived and daily dieing for lack of the truth. They can not take our God
from us and that's all we ultimately have to lose. Is this not the example
of our own Jesus Christ, the one that the certain Jews wanted to lead an
army against the oppressive government? Did He not refuse and chose to die


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