[CS-FSLUG] Ex-Muslim's college speech disrupted by arson.

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Sun Dec 6 22:00:10 CST 2009

>>>> can make very nice neighbors.  It would be more correct to say that,
>>>> under Shariah Law (the more extreme implementation of Islam), Islam
>>>> is repressive, etc.
>>> And, MOST follow the Quran AND Shariah laws closely.
>> According to a friend of mine who is an anthropologist working in
>> Islamic Studies, only about 10% of Muslims adhere to the more militant
>> strains. We need to keep in mind that, much like Christianity, in many
>> places Islam intermingles with other elements as something
>> syncretistic...
> With all due respect to your friend, I don't buy it.....NOT based on
> what I know to be true from personal experience and that of others,
> including some in the military IN Iraq, Afghanistan, and several in
> Pakistan.

You should realize that your sample is small and biased, I would hope.

According to the Pew Research Center, if you had talked to EVERY muslim 
in those three countries, you would have only talked to about 15% of the 
muslims of the world (Afghaniston - 1.8%, Iraq - 2%, and Pakistan - 
11.1%) and those would be in some of the more extreme/militant areas of 
the muslim world (and I'm not going into how the war and opinions of the 
military might bias a sample from those countries).

Would you judge protestantism by talking to only the people in Southern 
and Eastern Africa (about 15.6% of the Protestants of the world)?


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