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Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> EnzoAeneas <enzoaeneas at gmail.com> writes:
>> I believe that the most that one could accuse him of concerning his
>> faith is not following GOD as he should
> I politely disagree, to suggest that the bigger problem I perceive is
> that he does not slap down each and every person who dares to offer a
> pseudo-messianic perspective on himself.

Just to show it is possible to love the Word, both Him and His Book, and
have a completely different take, I offer this link:


Note I am one who supports Covenant Theology, so I view civil government
as purely a matter of fulfilling the Covenant of Noah, which has no
bearing on personal redemption.

Feel free to take potshots, but I won't bother to debate of defend.
That's part of my theology, too.

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