[CS-FSLUG] Administrative note: A Christian community is shutting down.

David Aikema david at aikema.net
Thu Mar 27 19:19:53 CDT 2008

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 6:14 PM, Timothy Butler <tbutler at ofb.biz> wrote:
>         I think Ed covered this quite well, but our philosophy has never
>  been to exclude Christians, but to keep it a closed community
>  intended for brothers and sisters in Christ as a place of
>  encouragement (otherwise this is merely another Linux list).
>         Ed references the idea of associate membership, which we have
>  discussed before, and is essentially what we had in the sister
>  ministry, Sakamuyo: you simply had to agree not to post attacks on
>  the statement of faith's positions, you didn't have to agree with the
>  statement.
>         Whether we want to do that is something I'm open to hearing more
>  views on. Your moderation team will then give it a thorough
>  consideration.

What on earth does an "associate member" mean in the context of a mailing list?

The thing that I'm worried about is an increase in traffic levels if
the group expands widely in its focus.  From what I recall of my
visits to Christdot in the past, it was a lot broader than a
technology focus, technology fitting more in the category of a minor
topic.  A broadened focus might be OK if dealing with a web-based
forum, but I don't want to be getting oodles of email all the time.


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