[CS-FSLUG] Administrative note: A Christian community is shutting down.

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Thu Mar 27 19:14:01 CDT 2008

> I could post more, but I think this will suffice. :-)

	I think Ed covered this quite well, but our philosophy has never  
been to exclude Christians, but to keep it a closed community  
intended for brothers and sisters in Christ as a place of  
encouragement (otherwise this is merely another Linux list).

	Ed references the idea of associate membership, which we have  
discussed before, and is essentially what we had in the sister  
ministry, Sakamuyo: you simply had to agree not to post attacks on  
the statement of faith's positions, you didn't have to agree with the  

	Whether we want to do that is something I'm open to hearing more  
views on. Your moderation team will then give it a thorough  


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