[CS-FSLUG] T-Mobile/Linksys Routers

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Wed Dec 17 22:51:28 CST 2008

As I had posted earlier, I noticed this weekend that T-Mobile was  
clearing out their variant of the WRT54GS for $20, so I ordered one. I  
just got notification that they were out and were giving me a free  
"upgrade" to the WRTU54G-TM. Any thoughts? I don't have T-Mobile  
service, I ordered the original router merely because it was on  
clearance and was suppose to work fine with or without T-Mobile, so  
now I'm wondering whether I should keep the order or try to cancel.

The WRTU54G-TM *costs* more normally than the regular router, but I  
wonder if most of the extra cost is for stuff I won't be able to use  
as a non-T-Mobile customer (e.g. it has two RJ-11 phone jacks to power  
two VoIP lines for T-Mobile at Home and two SIM card readers to help  
authenticate those lines).

Conversely, it appears to only have a single, non removable antenna  
versus two removable ones on the unit I thought I was getting.



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