[CS-FSLUG] fyi, migration the other way, linux=>windows

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 23:42:28 CST 2008

David McGlone wrote:

> I see. 
> I was wondering whether constantly shutting down and booting would be harder 
> on the computer or not.

I remember a similar question being asked on Slashdot once. Many of the 
people who answered seemed to be of the opinion that hardware is 
designed now to easily handle being shut-down and then started up again 
with minimal wear and tear. Whether you put your laptop into sleep or 
hibernation, the hard drive still spins down and that's perhaps the most 
delicate piece of electronics in the computer, so the only difference 
that I can think of is that when you shut down your laptop it takes 
longer to restart and there will be more disk-thrashing for a moment 
while your OS boots.

Nathan T.

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