[CS-FSLUG] fyi, migration the other way, linux=>windows

Nathan Thompson celerate at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 11:03:09 CST 2008

Jon Glass wrote:

> In my not-so-honest opinion, but judging from all my Windows-using
> friends with laptops, not a single one of them sleeps (Mac term) or
> hibernates their laptop. They _always_ shut them down. When I ask why,
> their answer is that it is unstable, and not trustworthy. Now, as a
> missionary, this means just about everybody I know uses a Windows
> laptop. I can't think of one of the bunch that I know that suspends or
> hibernates. Not a one.


What vintage were those laptops? I've not seen this kind of problem 
since the days of Windows 98. Working in a computer store up here in 
northern Canada I see computers come in either sleeping or hibernating 
frequently enough. Usually the people up here who don't use the sleep or 
hibernate features on their laptops aren't savvi enough to know about 
them, or decided to replace the OEM installation of Windows with their 
own and didn't reinstall the proper drivers from the manufacturer (thus 
causing problems with more than just hibernating). One big irony of 
Vista is that it handles sleeping and hibernating much better, in fact 
it also brings many of the graphical features of Windows somewhere close 
to where OS X was two or four years ago, but besides that many features 
of the operating system are absolutely awful, including that depressing 
black glassy theme.

Nathan T.

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