[CS-FSLUG] fyi, migration the other way, linux=>windows

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Sun Dec 14 08:58:25 CST 2008

Sophie Hamilton wrote:

>>  The only conclusion I can draw is that Windows laptops are not
>>  reliable with sleep or hibernation. And surely, Linux can't be worse!
> Actually, Windows is fine with hibernation. I know this, because I use
> it pretty much all the time when I use Windows.

Some are notoriously bad. My mom's Gateway running XP never comes out of
either suspend mode properly. OTOH, I have had several with worked fine
in the appropriate version of Windows.

With Linux, especially in the last couple of years with the advent of
s2ram and s2disk, it's gotten much easier. However, configuration may
still be quite a bit of work. Having to run diagnostics is so common,
there are several sites with pages devoted to instructions on it.
FreeBSD still doesn't implement ACPI properly, and when they do, it's
pretty specific to the hardware. They don't even have a generic path to
writing a saved state to disk, which the Linux kernel does.

My understanding is MS uses very hardware-specific ACPI instructions,
whereas Linux and other OSS find a generic path with switches for most
variations. When MS doesn't work, it's really broken badly. When Linux
doesn't work, it may still come quite close.

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