[CS-FSLUG] How to secure a Windows machine

Yama Ploskonka Yama at veritasacademy.net
Sun Sep 30 12:44:57 CDT 2007

I recently was talking with a laptop-carrying missionary that works in 
a restricted country, and I was wondering how safe his stuff was if the 
powers and principalities get ahold of his Windows machine.

I know Linux by default encrypts your stuff, but I felt unable to point 
this fellow to savyy procedures to ascertain if his stuff was safe, and 
how to make it safer if not.

Do you know of any such webpage, hopefully geared towards our mindset 
and needs instead of that of assorted paranoids and wannabe hooligans?

BTW, as we all know, the Church is probably trailing all other segments 
of the population in adopting/creating open source, so convincing this 
friend to go Linux is a waste of time at this moment.


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