[CS-FSLUG] Fingerprint system

Yama Ploskonka Yama at veritasacademy.net
Sun Sep 30 12:36:30 CDT 2007

I've read here that fingerprint systems to login merely are filling in 
your password.

Well, when my school got a bunch of retired computers donated (of course 
without OS disks), many of them were password locked.  A parent came 
with a Linux-based CD that makes XP passwords visible.  i.e., you slide 
this CD in, boot the computer, and you can retrieve/reset the XP password.

To me that means that password protection in XP is an oxymoron.
And fingerprint protection ditto.

People who know how to protect their computer beyond that are few and 
far between.  I'm sure any of you can password protect the CMOS boot to 
avoid a CD boot or someone tampering with the CMOS to allow it, and even 
encrypt the HD, but for the usual luser of Windows, password protection 
is so much snake oil (just like the rest, I know, I know...)


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