[CS-FSLUG] Fingerprint system

Vincent Danen vdanen at linsec.ca
Tue Sep 25 19:40:34 CDT 2007

* Greg Slade <grgaslists at rogers.com> [2007-09-25 17:02:20 -0700]:

>> Hmmm... really?  But does *my* fingerprint need to be on
>> the silly putty?  Or just silly putty on it's own?
>Sadly, the article I read didn't go into detail on how it was done, 
>beyond the fact that they used Silly Putty. But if anybody ever hands you 
>some Silly Putty, don't touch it. They might be up to something. :-)

Hmmm... maybe that's why my daughter plays with the stuff all the


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