[CS-FSLUG] Amazon launches MP3 Music Store

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Tue Sep 25 15:00:19 CDT 2007

This might be of interest to those on both lists I'm sending this to.  
Amazon has launched an MP3 music store. The songs are DRM free, 256  
kbps and seem to be priced at $.99 or lower (e.g. lower than iTunes  
Plus). Since the music will play on my iPod, you can color me  
intrigued. The service -- unlike Wal-Mart.com's MP3 music store --  
seems to work on Mac OS X, instead of just Windows. I think it looks  
like it would work on Linux too, which makes it unique among music  
stores selling major label music.

Looks nifty!


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