[CS-FSLUG] A Bible-study question

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Sun Sep 2 12:41:50 CDT 2007

> But I think Tim simply found it interesting that, while most of the  
> people whose names were changed were never (or rarely) called by  
> their old name again, Jacob was frequently referred to as both,  
> Jacob and Israel.  I think we can ponder the point without engaging  
> in second guessing or trying to read too much into the logic.  I  
> tend to agree with his general assessment, though that may not be  
> the full explanation.  It may have simply been due to scribal  
> variances, but I agree that it's interesting beyond that.  I find  
> it difficult to accept that scribal variations are to blame for  
> this point.

	I too think I would stay away from scribal errors; though I wouldn't  
completely discount the possibility. But, I do think there could be a  
good argument if it could be tied to some other textual variations  
that are generally accounted for by Wellhausen's hypothetical writers  
and editors (JEDP). That's not to say it means nothing beyond that; I  
tend to think that God had good reasons to use human authors as  
opposed to simply dropping a book out of the sky. Clearly, the  
variation in styles and emphases serve to establish and emphasize  
different points to different people...

	Of course, I'd have to look into it more. I've been spending some  
time doing text criticism in the New Testament, which has proven  
interesting, if not terribly useful.


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