[CS-FSLUG] Internet safety for school families

Yama Ploskonka Yama at veritasacademy.net
Sat Sep 1 19:48:09 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I am due to give a talk on computer safety to parents in the Christian 
school I work in.  I had happily planned to talk about keeping yourself 
safe from macros and malware by using Linux or at the very least Firefox 
and Open Office, but when I did a bit of googling I came to realize that 
apparently chatting and irresponsible surfing (excessive time, evil 
websites, my-space) are more of a real daily problem especially for 
families with teens.

It appears this can be dealt with through education or monitoring 
software.  We all know that education don't work for most (bad grammar 
on purpose), as a teacher I can say so :-(

Do you'all know about Open Source monitoring / filtering software?

There was some sort of Christian Linux somewhere, does it come with 
something like that built in?



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