Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Wed Nov 14 16:53:50 CST 2007

> Another reason not to consider Sony .... does "rootkit" come to mind?
> IMHO they still have some paying to do for that.

	That was unfortunate, although I've been fairly forgiving, simply  
because I've been a pretty loyal fan of Sony products over the years  
-- Sony TV's, DVD players, cell phones, wall phones, game systems,  
cameras... they've all treated me very well.

> I'm in the same boat ... would love to get one, but not sure if I can
> justify the cost yet. Think I'll wait till I have a real application
> for it to justify the price.  My cheap point & shoot does just fine
> for vacation pics. :)

	Yeah, that's what I'm weighing, it's somewhat hard to justify, but I  
think I could get good use out of it.


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