Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Wed Nov 14 16:50:51 CST 2007

On Nov 11, 2007, at 3:41 PM, John Mark Clayton wrote:

> I have a first gen Canon rebel d-slr and am very happy with it.
> Though, I would like to upgrade to the latest model.  It's much
> faster.  My rebel is also very sturdy.  I had it mounted on a spotting
> scope & tripod and it fell off, hitting the asphalt road.  The fall
> broke the lens in half b ut the camera survived.Take a look here for

	That's good to hear. I think talking with others, I've narrowed it  
down to the Canon 40D and the Pentax K10D -- so Canon is still in the  

	Sony is way cheaper on lenses, but if a Sigma or Tamron lens would  
serve my purpose, that would narrow the price gap. The Pentax body is  
really much nicer on the budget, especially since it has a $100 rebate  
at present.

> My Sony point-n-shot cameras take terrible photos.  They are models
> DS9 and DS5 IIRC.  The starfish photo at the above url is an example.

	Hmm... that's odd. Of course, it may depend on what line you get.  
I've favored the bulkier, larger lens models ("DSLR-like") over the  
really compact Sonys. I have a five year old DSC-S75 and a two year  
old DSC-H1. Both have been really excellent cameras. I've "sold" DSC- 
H2 or 5's to friends and family to good effect as well.


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