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Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Fri Nov 2 13:33:05 CDT 2007

On Fri, 02 Nov 2007 12:33:05 -0500, D.C. Parris <don at blue-gnu.biz> wrote:

> Why just add mouse-ability to (console) emacs?
> /ducking and running... really fast!

Orthodox response: "I already have an OS, thank you."

Running fast won't help you if you don't run far enough. ;-)

Meanwhile, since almost no one in the FOSS development community shows the  
slightest interest (I've Googled endlessly) in scripting ACPI for Dell  
laptops, to the point I've had to reinstall (FreeBSD and one Linux distro)  
to fix the damage from the crash, I'm stuck running XP again. Getting rid  
of X in the calculation would probably simplify things dramatically.  
Further, no one seems interested in building a working 'intelfb' so that I  
can see something better than 80x25. There's not enough emphasis on  
developing the framebuffer anymore, it seems. Please show me I'm wrong.  
There are other major problems I face running any FOSS OS on this thing,  
but those are two insurmountable obstacles for the way I work.

Thus, while I very deeply desire to run Linux/BSD, it ain't happening. My  
interest in this is as much personal as anything else. Could I find some  
way of promoting a project which would begin addressing some of these  
things, I'd be glad to manage it or contribute any other resources  
available to me. Before I start taking any steps toward agitating for such  
a thing, I need more information. Yes, I'm hoping there's yet another  
distro just for a framebuffer-without-X Linux. Yes, that means porting  
several apps to a TUI, and simply pressing the development of some already  
heading there. It means a lot of stuff I don't yet understand, but I'm  
going to push that direction. If there are other projects already on-task,  
or unfinished ones which once were, I'd like to know.

Anyone know about some?

Ed Hurst
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