[CS-FSLUG] Console Desktop Projects

D.C. Parris don at blue-gnu.biz
Fri Nov 2 12:33:05 CDT 2007

On Friday 02 November 2007 08:37, Ed Hurst wrote:
> Over the years since my involvement with Linux and BSD, I have run across
> references to proposals and projects for creating a framebuffer desktop on
> the console. No X server, no acceleration. Most of us have heard of Twin,
> a project which went moribund sometime in 2003, AFAIK. There is also
> mention of BSDVision, an attempt to adapt the TurboVision interface to
> BSD. While 'screen' is a step in this direction, it is not the answer many
> of these people were seeking. We might compare such projects to attempts
> to create highly developed DOS desktop shells just about the time Windows
> came out. It seems some people want point-n-click without having to run a
> genuine GUI (I do). These are often referred to as a TUI = text user
> interface.
> Brothers and Sisters: What other Open Source projects are you aware of
> which seem connected to this?

Why just add mouse-ability to (console) emacs?

/ducking and running... really fast!

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