[CS-FSLUG] OS2/Warp 4

John Mark Clayton clayton256 at gmail.com
Sun May 20 05:49:44 CDT 2007

Wow, OS/2, I really liked using Warp.  What a great desktop environment.
I wanted to cry the day I threw out all my OS/2 disks and programming
books.  I didn't get a chance to try BeOS before it died, but from what I
read it was the only thing to come close to Warp's desktop.  I would
love to see a similar desktop on linux.  It was frustrating to depend on
though.  You had to do a lot of research to find hardware that would
have drivers and software was always so far behind the Windows or even
Mac versions.  I would be extremely surprised if it would run on a modern
laptop.  Oh yea, kinda like linux.  Anyhow, I've got a copy of the Watcom
C/C++ compiler suite you can have if you decide to keep going on OS/2.
God bless,

On 5/19/07, Christopher Rose <kf6snj at lycos.com> wrote:
> Recently there was a thread on qrz.com about computers and operating systems
> (yes, most ham operators seem to like knoppix, debian, and ubuntu. I am
> running Digipup on my laptop). In one of the threads was a discussion on
> OS2. I started looking into it and even managed to find a copy of this
> system. I tried installing in on an old win drive I had. It worked alright.
> However, the drive died (I am willing to bet it got dropped as I found it on
> the floor under the table). Regardless, I decided to reinstall on a drive
> that I had used for experimentation with ICHTHUX (which would install, but
> not allow me to log in---yes Don, that's my bug report). However, GRUB
> wouldn't allow the install to complete. Hence, does anyone know how to erase
> the MBR of a hard drive? Nothing I've tried thus far seems to work. I want
> to continue to experiment with this OS just for curiousity sake (I am
> currently running PCLinuxOS 2007, which unfortunately doesn't have
> BibleTime, but it does have GnomeS! word). Any ideas?
> Pax,
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