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Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmx.ch
Sun May 20 03:05:40 CDT 2007

Hello christopher

Here's my tipp. but read the whole text, before you start fiddling 
around with dd! dd is great, but you can easyly wipe all the data on 
allmost every device if youre doing something wrong. so: be careful!

Christopher Rose schrieb:

> complete. Hence, does anyone know how to erase the MBR of a hard drive? 
> Nothing I've tried thus far seems to work. I want to continue to 
> experiment with this OS just for curiousity sake (I am currently running 
> PCLinuxOS 2007, which unfortunately doesn't have BibleTime, but it does 
> have GnomeS! word). Any ideas?
th MBR ist the first few bytes on a hard disk. Together with the 
Partition-Table it makes the first 512 Bytes of the Disk. th Ereasy just 
boot a linux-distro of your choice (Toms rtbt-floppy is a good thing for 
such tasks, also knoppix and every other live-system) an do:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/def/hda bs=512 count=1
as root.
With this command you write one block (count=1)of 512 bytes (bs=512) 
from the input /dev/zero (if=/dev/zero, gifes out as many zeroes as you 
want) to the device connected as hda (of=/dev/hda)
*Attention!* This is really dangerous if you have another harddrive in 
your system und make a typo! hda is right only if the disk you want to 
wipe the MBR of the disk which is attached as master to the primary 
ide-channel on your first ide-controller.
If it's scsi it's sda normally.

If I do such things, i normally disconnect every other harddisk from the 
controllers so I can't break anything.

If you want to restore a dos-mbr start a dos-bootfloppy and issue
fdisk /mbr which restores the code in the mbr (it's some machine code 
which seeks for the boot-flag in the partition-table and starts the code 
from this partition). but I think the installation of OS/2 woll do this 
by itself.

I hope I could help you

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