[CS-FSLUG] Access blocking technology

Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Tue May 15 16:41:43 CDT 2007

I think there are two different issues. I did a telnet to both of then 
on port 80 and got different responses.

Usually you can:
telnet henrietta_bowman.tripod.com 80
and then type:
and you will get a bunch of HTML dumped to you. The tripod gave me an 
error, the christianpost gave me a blank webpage.

My guess that the tripod one has a poorly configured web-server, that 
will not adjust to a request according to normal specs. But it could 
also be a case of what I think Christianpost does...

ChristianPost, I think, is a generated page which generates the content 
based on which browser you use. Javascript is different if you use IE or 
Mozilla. It could simply be that it is expecting a different browser string.

I did disable javascript on my browser and could view both sites. I also 
disabled cookies and java, and was still able to view both sites.

- Tim Young

Ed Hurst wrote:
> Could any of our webmaster types enlighten me? Recently I've been asked to  
> visit a few links which reject my connection attempts with some  
> consistency. A couple of hobby sites on tripod.com return the message  
> "unreachable" regardless of the browser I use on my FreeBSD box, although  
> I can get a response on a 'host' query on the CLI. An example is  
> http://henrietta_bowman.tripod.com . From an XP box on the same LAN, it  
> works perfectly. Selective blocking by OS?
> Then there's http://www.christianpost.com/ (Christian news site) which  
> will not let me connect via Lynx, but accepts Elinks. However, I note on  
> my FreeBSD box, Elinks has JScript compiled in. Would they block if  
> JScript is disabled?

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